It is not a Waste, if it Has a Use

On-Site Food Waste Recycling

Kitchen Compost bucket on green backdrop

Waste is a design flaw,

we’re rethinking it.

On-Site Food Waste Recycling

Circular by design, sustainable by nature

Discover how IOS isn’t just recycling waste, it’s rewiring the future with the circular economy.

01. Install

We install composting factories made of shipping containers on your site.

02. Service

Client delivers food waste to a designated spot. We manage all aspects of the processing.

03. Secure

Site will be odor and rodent free. Food waste is processed daily.

04. Savings

Reductions in cost, greenhouse gases, energy and labor.

Bioconversion: A Smarter Solution

5x Faster than Composting in 1/6 the time.

black soldier fly on blue background

How does this work?

Black soldier fly larvae (maggots) are natural decomposers whose diet can consist of pre & post-consumer food waste. They can eat up to 10 times their body weight daily. Adult BSFL don’t carry diseases and only live three days. The process is entirely sustainable.

Environmental Impact

  • Reduce Waste
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • Cost Savings
  • Sustainibility Image
  • Regulartory Compliance
  • Innovation Edge